GWはサッとラーメン 池袋ランチ「らぁ麺 はやし田 池袋店」|GW is a quick ramen Ikebukuro lunch “Ramen Hayashida Ikebukuro store”



Hello, this is Arlo!


May 1st, I am GW from today.

Even so, I haven’t made any plans for this time, so it’s almost at home.

Even if I go out, will I go to the park with my child?


When I said that, suddenly I had to go out from the first day to Ikebukuro.

I tried to get out on the train, but … the number of people is increasing (laughs).

The trains are a little vacant, but I don’t think the number of people in the city is decreasing at all.

But Parco and Sunshine were almost closed.


It’s been a while since I left my hometown, so I told him about eating rice.


Ramen Hayashida Ikebukuro store

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I’ve been to the Shinjuku store, but Ikebukuro is the first.

The menu is TKG with “Grilled horse mackerel niboshi soba (ramen?)” For a limited time!




When you get to your seat, water is replenished there because there is a machine like conveyor belt sushi.

It takes about 10 minutes to get the bowl.


Beautiful ramen. You can feel the careful work of toppings.

Is the color a little lighter than ordinary ramen?


The taste is good with fish stock.

As it is a horse mackerel, you can feel the fragrance.

For TKG … normal.

It is said that they are using a special egg, but the green onions are completely overwhelming.

There is no presence of eggs …

There was another menu for Oyakodon, but I should have done that (laughs)


The taste is really delicious, so if you come to Ikebukuro, please come here!

Well then ~