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近くにあった名店。谷塚「らー麺 ぶたのジョー」

A well-known store nearby. Yatsuka “Ramen Buta no Joe”




Hello, this is Arlo!


I plan to go to Akasaka on this day for the first time in a while.

Until the end of August, I was watching SUSURU.TV that “Tell me your dreams, Tokyo Akasaka store” was open for a limited time at Red noodles for all humankind, so I was completely ready for my stomach!


After preparing for the morning, if I wanted to check the opening time on Twitter before going to work, I tweeted the day before.

… Seriously?


Well, I’m the type of person who draws a lot like this, so I can’t stop! (smile)

By the way, the work schedule was postponed due to the circumstances of the business partner, so I switched to working from home.

Look near your home.


Speaking of which, there must have been a Jiro-type shop near my home that I was interested in!

I saw Twitter because the timing to go is today, and it’s a regular holiday.

If you have no choice but to go to Ramen Fujimaru, which is a short walk away, this is also a holiday!

I almost gave up, but when I tweeted to comfort this bad luck, a local friend introduced me to a new restaurant.


I skipped the bike and went immediately!

Ramen Buta no Joe

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It’s close to my friend’s house, but it was completely unmarked.

Apparently, my friend said that mixed soba is recommended.


The inside of the store was full of seats, but one seat was vacant at the right time.

I took a seat immediately after buying a meal ticket.

Give the clerk a meal ticket. Apparently, people with less noodles will tell at this timing.

Is this the same with other shops?


Call at the timing when you are called. It was kindly pasted on the table.

On this day, “less garlic, abra, cheese, spicy mayonnaise” noodles are ordered with less.


Donburi is about 10 minutes after ordering.

There are lots of egg yolks in one pig!

Although the quantity was a small order, it seems that there is a regular serving.


When I mixed it from the bottom and ate it, the noodles seemed to be smooth rather than stiff.

The taste is not too strong and it is very delicious!

The char siu is about 2 cm long, but it’s a horse-type pork that fits in so quickly that you don’t need teeth.


It was delicious until the end!

It was just the right amount for me, who is usually full of food.

However, I’m curious about the Texas steak topping, so I wonder if I’ll put it in a smaller amount next time.


Well then ~